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Juvenile Mental Health Treatment Courts Database

Juvenile Mental Health Courts (JMHCs) provide case management and support to youth in the juvenile justice system with behavioral health needs.  These courts focus on treatment and rehabilitation, and help to divert youth from juvenile detention facilities to community-based services in their local systems of care.  Policy Research Associates (PRA), which also operates SAMHSA’s GAINS Center, conducted a National Survey of U.S. Juvenile Mental Health Courts.  This national survey resulted in a Psychiatric Services article (PDF 81kb) of the same name, which provides more information about these courts. 

This map is a product of a larger National Institute of Justice-funded exit disclaimer icon project intended to assess the effectiveness of juvenile mental health courts as a public safety strategy.  This study resulted in the creation of a document entitled, "7 Common Characteristics of Juvenile Mental Health Courts.” The report is based on the aforementioned national survey; site visits, stakeholder interviews, observations of court proceedings, and focus groups; and extensive interviews of participants and their guardians. This document is a broad blueprint for communities to consider while planning for or evaluating a JMHC.

7 Common Characteristics of Juvenile Mental Health Courts (PDF 237kb)

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Map for selecting a state for Mental Health Treatment Courts

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